[Church History]

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It all started when…

September 1, 1968: Elmer Jenkins starts Pomerado Christian Church. The church has its first meeting at the Seventh Day Adventist Church building. The church continues to meet in rented facilities, including school auditoriums until they move into the current building in 1975.

1970: M. M. “Bro. Mac” Wright is called to serve as the first full-time minister. He continues to serve as Senior Pastor until 1989.

1971: A parcel of six acres of rocky property on Stone Canyon Road is purchased. The process of getting permits for construction begins.

1972: Ground Breaking service on April 30.

1973: Grading and other improvements to the site are completed. Three houses are built and sold to raise funds for the payment of the church building on the remaining 4.7 acres. Construction begins. Larry Revert called as Youth Minister.

December 1973: The congregation begins services in the unfinished meeting hall while work continues.

1975: The dedication service for the new building is held on March 2. In October Steve Wilson was welcomed as our new Youth Minister.

1976: Pomerado Christian Preschool opens with Mary Lou Tice as the Director.

1977: The “Pomerado Street Gang” puppet ministry begins, giving performances within the Poway community and abroad. In October, Evan Foote is welcomed as the Associate Minister.

1978: John Mark and Leanna Pemberton become the first missionaries sent by PCC. They leave for Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe.) Darwin Hartshorn was called as our first Elder.

1981: The “Pomerado Street Gang” tours Boston, Indianapolis, Tennessee, Kentucky, Florida, and Haiti.

1983: The congregation approved and begins construction on an expansion of the building including the new offices, two classrooms downstairs, and a classroom upstairs. In October, Jim Hammond was called to be our Youth Minister.

1987: Pomerado sends a team to Guatemala to construct a medical clinic. Marie Adams called as Preschool Directer on the retirement of Mary Lou Tice.

1988: The original mortgage is burned. Pomerado celebrates our twentieth anniversary.

1989: In September Evan Foote becomes Senior Pastor when Pastor Wright moves to Orange County. Jim Hammond is called to serve as Associate Pastor.

1990: Our first By-Laws were adopted which further defined the Eldership and other organizational procedures.

1992: Jim Hammond leaves Pomerado to become Senior Pastor of a church in Cottonwood, Arizona.

1994: Rex Kennemer joins the staff as the Worship Director.

1996: Steve Kaptain served as our Youth Pastor from 1996 to 2000. During that time he lead a group of our youth and adult members on a summer missions trip to Nepal. Steve felt the calling to serve there more permanently and so began a full time mission to Katmandu.

2002: A new preschool playground and church patio/courtyard are added as improvements to the property.

2002-2003: Volunteers from Pomerado Church run an after school program at Pomerado Elementary school called “The Wednesday Homework Club.”

2003: Over $12,000 donated to victims of the Cedar fire.

2004: Cingular installs a cell phone antenna site on our building. The construction includes a signature cupola and cross, centered on our main entrance, giving clear identity to the building.

2005: After we purchase new chairs for the Sanctuary, our used chairs are donated to the new Boy's and Girl's Club in 4S Ranch.

Pomerado joins with many other churches in the Poway and Rancho Bernardo area in 'Prayer Walk 2005”, walking each street in our community praying a blessing on each household.

Saber Springs Foursquare Church begins sharing our building for their Sunday services. After about three years sharing in this way, they began a new ministry of home Bible worship.

2006: A crew of our men go to New Orleans to help with the cleanup and rebuilding following the Katrina hurricane.

Together with El Centro Christian Church we sponsor a new church in Trujillo, Peru, in partnership with Project New Hope and Team Expansion. We begin sending financial support each month as part of our ongoing commitment, and in August send a team of 8 people from PCC plus others from El Centro, to Trujillo for 2 weeks of community service and ministry assistance.

2007: Youth minister Karl Shelton completed his Masters of Divinity and in June is Ordained by the Elders and the church members.

August, 2007: we send our second year team (2 from PCC plus 8 others from El Centro) to Trujillo for 2 weeks of community service and ministry assistance. They delivered a computer, and other tools.

October 21-28, 2007: Again fire strikes our community, with one family home burned, many more displaced, evacusted, and many friends, neighbors who have lost everything. We again join the world community to provide aid to several organizations, and many members contribute personally with their hands, homes, and hearts.

2008: This summer we sent off nearly a dozen of our members to mission adventures on the field. We sent a team in Trujillo, Peru, and another team traveled to Bohol and Cebu in the Philippines.

Dennis Riley, our mission's committee chairman, lead our Peru team, along with 11 members from the El Centro First Christian Church, for a trip to support Project New Hope in Peru from June 25 - July 5. While there they helped build a playground, taught classes, worked with the elderly and also held a retreat at a local family fun center.

And the Rivera family went to the Philippines to help Marydel Glass with work at Restored Heritage.

In July Pastor Evan Foote taught us lessons on Finances, and ended the month with our C-Note Challenge, handing out about 40 $100 bills, for members to Steward, and return with the increase, as taught in the The Parable of the Talents in Matthew 25:14-30. We will be sending all the proceeds to Project Nueva Esperanza (Project New Hope) for our new church in Trujillo to help them buy milk cows for their dairy.

September 7, 2008: It was the first Sunday of September in 1968 when Elmer and Marilyn Jenkins began a new Christian Church in Poway. 40 years later Pomerado Christian Church celebrated its heritage and its future as we gathered to worship our wonderful God. 

Along with some old friends and special guests at the morning services, we looked back on some of the many ways God has poured out His gracious blessings on this church. Then we joined together with a special birthday cake celebration on the patio between services. See Picture Slide show Here.

This day was also a revealing party for our C-Note Challenge. We learned about the many varied activities that our members used to raise funds to purchase cows for Project New Hope. Over $19,000 was received. Watch our C-Note Results video: With Final updated total $ (Dan Lewis Producer)

November 16, 2008: John Hendee, leader of the Project New Hope was with us to recognize our contribution through our C-Note Challenge The Peru Wrench (sermon photos)

Peru Trip Photos and Audio Description. John presented PCC with a beautiful calf, direct from Peru. Named for the dairy project's first calf "Esperanza" he commented about our unique event, and that we were the first of all the supporting churches to make such a significant contribution with this exciting approach. You can hear John's comments before the congregation here

See The Peru Wrench (sermon photos) and Peru Trip Photos and Audio Description.

July 10-18, 2009: Evan Foote and Dennis Riley joined with members of many of the other church's supporting Project New Hope for a massive effort to work directly with the people of Trujillo.

April 2010: After years of use, and decline, we have repaved our parking lot, just in time for Easter Services. This major project included several minor upgrades, and even removed that big old tree in the middle of our north driveway. Thanks to our Trustees, and especially to Chuck Rubacky for the hard work it took to make this happen.

June-September 2010: Evan Foote experiences a 13 week Sabbatical, in a time of study, and travels including trips to Trujillo, Peru and 12 days in Israel (photo).

November 23-December 8, 2010: Mike Gephart's mission trip with Hume International to Kenya (photos)

January, 2011: Our Gifts for Jesus Project, lead by the Junior High class, this year raised money to dig wells for a village in Africa. See the amazing Bwaya Wells $$ Reveal Video

December, 2011: We adopted  Restated Articles of Incorporation, and totally rewritten Bylaws.

January, 2012: We followed up last year's well digging project by raising funds to build a dormitory for the boys in the school at  Juba, Uganda .We raised an amazing $27,330, more than enough for the building, plus beds, and furniture to equip it.

September 1 2014: We celebrated our 45th birthday,(photos available on our Facebook Page, Here, Here, and more here) The directors presented a Facility Upgrade plan. Changes to our building will include increasing size of the lobby, moving the kitchen, relocating the restrooms and making them handicap accessible, revisions to the tech booth and storage space in the sanctuary.

January  2014: This year our Gifts for Jesus project was for a local organization that touches people from all over the world, and locally too.  We went over our goal raising $15,000 for Bridge of Hope. 

January through August 2014 We went through an extensive remodel of our upstairs rooms.  We made changes in the back classroom, adding a very functional library and video wall. And we add a wall on one end that will become a full service kitchen.  Till the kitchen is installed this area serves as an accessible restroom, and a storage room.  And we tore out the old restrooms and kitchen, fully redesigned the new restrooms in that space creating proper handicapped accessible modern restrooms.  And while we were moving walls, the back wall of the sanctuary was moved forward to make for a much larger, more modern and functional entry lobby.  And the tech booth got a nice upgrade along the way. 

January  2015: This year our Gifts for Jesus project was to purchase a new pickup truck for our mission in Africa.  We went over our goal raising $20,000 which will help them serve throughout the Hippo Valley.